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MetLife to Sunset Majority of Permanent Products

December 13, 2016

MetLife to Sunset Majority of Permanent Products


MetLife to Suspend the Following Products


Effective February 3, 2017, MetLife will no longer accept submitted business for the following products:


  • Promise Whole Life
  • Promise Whole Life 120
  • Promise Whole Life Select 10
  • Promise Whole Life Select 20
  • Promise Whole Life Select 65
  • Guaranteed Level Term (face amounts less than $1M only)
  • Secure Flex Universal Life
  • Provider Universal Life
  • Legacy Advantage Survivorship Universal Life
  • Equity Advantage Variable Universal Life


Brighthouse Financial will make the following life insurance products available and they will not differ from their current MetLife versions:


  • Premier Accumulator Universal Life
  • Guaranteed Level Term (minimum face amount will equal $1M)
  • One Year Term


This is an unfortunate decision that reduces the number of life insurance product options available to consumers, but we at The Milner Group are dedicated to helping you find the best alternative solutions for your clients.


Feel free to give me a call at  678-252-1714 or e-mail me at


For more information on MetLife’s decision and key dates, please click here.

John Hancock to Discontinue Individual LTC Sales

November 21, 2016


Following a recent trend in the LTC insurance market, John Hancock has elected to discontinue sales of their individual LTC policies in all states. The carrier cites economic trends and a shrinking demand for LTC insurance as their reasoning behind the decision.

For any producers hoping to have John Hancock LTC policies issued prior to this discontinuation, there are a few important dates to be aware of. December 2, 2016 will be the last day to submit applications that are “in good order.” December 16, 2016 will be the last day to complete paramed exams and February 10, 2017 will be the last date in which policies will be issued or paid.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact our Long-Term Care Specialist, Kandi Williams at 678-252-1728 or

VOYA Suspending Sales of All Long-Term Guarantee Products

November 21, 2016

VOYA is suspending sales of all long-term guarantee products


VOYA is suspending sales of long-term guarantee products (term and their guaranteed IUL).


Going forward, all products will be non-guaranteed until further notice.


According to an official statement by Voya:


To achieve our vision to be America’s Retirement Company, Voya must continually evolve our strategy in response to changing, and often challenging, market conditions.


The insurance industry continues to face strong headwinds, including historically low interest rates, heightened market volatility, and regulatory changes.


In response to these conditions and as part of our evolution as a company, there will be a number of changes to our product offering.


The following products will be suspended:




The following contains some key dates and activities regarding the suspension of Voya’s level-term and IUL-GDB products.


     Date                                                                                                     Action
  • Last day to illustrate level-term products and IUL-GDB on Presents and other illustration software
  • Last day Voya will accept formal applications
  • Last day to issue / reissue policies
  • Last day to initiate 1035 exchanges with replacement companies
  • All underwriting and administrative requirements to issue the policy must be received by Voya


Contact us if you have any questions about how this may affect you and your clients.

(800) 926-9206  or

Dear Veterans, Thank You

November 11, 2016

dear veterans, thank you


As a company founded by veterans, we at The Milner Group have always had the utmost respect and admiration for our servicemen and women.


On this day, we stand in appreciation to those who have sacrificed time with their families, their friends, their homes, and in many cases, their lives, to protect the freedoms we hold dear.


Also, we thank you for your courage, which inspires others daily.


We close with a verse from John 15:13, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”


Today, we salute you. Happy Veterans Day.




Seixas G. “Chip” Milner, Jr., CEO

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

November 3, 2016

ltc awareness month


In honor of Long-Term Care Awareness Month, The Milner Group has prepared a collection of client-approved resources for your agency marketing efforts. With holidays and family gatherings right around the corner, now is a perfect time to have the LTC planning conversation with your prospects. We don’t give a second thought to protecting our cars and houses- why not take the same precaution with our own health? Below you’ll find a whitepaper that explains the benefits of long-term care insurance, complete with helpful tips and examples, and a quick video from our partners at One America on the growing need for this type of plan.


White Paper: Long-Term Care Insurance as a Protection Planning Tool

Video: Long-Term Care Awareness


Want more inspiration and sales ideas? Check out some of the more popular LTC posts from our blog:


Talk Consequences, Not Numbers

8 LTC Statistics You Can’t Ignore

6 Different Ways to Get LTC


If you need help with positioning or are ready to have an illustration prepared email our Long-Term Care specialist Kandi Williams at or call 800-926-9206 (ext: 110) to speak directly.

Business Owner Retirement Plans: Build your practice (and bottom line)

November 3, 2016

Join us for a lunch and learn on how you can build your practice and your bottom line with Business Owner Retirement Plans, life insurance brokerage general agency

Please join us for a Lunch n’ Learn at our office just outside of Atlanta and end 2016 with ideas and strategies that will jumpstart your production for next year!



Join us for a lunch and learn on how you can build your practice and your bottom line with Business Owner Retirement Plans.



American National Insurance will be covering topics like, working in the post-DOL retirement planning world, how to talk to business owners, who makes a good fit for a certain plan type, how to present and set up a plan (and start making contributions!)



The Milner Group | 833 Hurricane Shoals Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043



This event has been completed. Please contact us for the details of the event and learn how you can use this in your business.


Learn More

What You Need to Know About the Genworth Sale to China Oceanwide

October 26, 2016

china oceanwide to genworth for 2.7 billion


China Oceanwide has agreed to purchase Genworth in a $2.7B cash deal.


This is another example of a new trend of Asian companies buying their way into the American insurance market. In addition to the purchase price, Oceanwide plans to pour another $1.1B into Genworth to cover its debt, as well as to invest in the life insurance business.


There is plenty of hearsay about this deal, so we’ve simplified all the noise into exactly what you need to know. Here are the 5 most important things you need to know about the Genworth deal.

1) Genworth will serve as a stand-alone subsidiary of its new Chinese parent company

2) China Oceanwide is a Beijing-based real estate and financial services formed in 1985 by Lu Zhiqiang, a Communist Party secretary.

3) The deal offers to pay Genworth’s shareholders $5.43 per share for their Genworth stock (4.2 percent more than Genworth’s closing price of $5.21 Friday).

4) Genworth still needs to persuade insurance regulators in Delaware to OK the acquisition, though the approval is said to be likely


During a transition, conversion options are often affected and may no longer be the best situation for your clients. Contact us to get a list of your current Genworth policy-holders.

Email Jake@MilnerGroup or call 800-926-9206 (ext: 123) to speak directly.

Prudential to Restrict Face Amounts on GUL Products

October 17, 2016

prudential life insurance restriction limits


Prudential is reducing the restrictions on allowable Face Amounts on their GUL products – UL Protector and SUL Protector.

The new limits will be $5M and $10M respectively, effective October 24th.

Applications for higher Face Amounts will have to be submitted beforeOctober 28th (with illustrations produced no later than Sunday, October 23rd).

We know this is a quick turnaround, so let us know how we can help with the large cases you are working on.

Simply reply to this email with any questions or call 800.926.9206 to speak with a product expert.

We are here to help.